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Offering the finest St. Thomas Real Estate and St. Barts Real Estate from  Virgin Islands Beachfront Properties on St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands. Virgin Islands Beachfront Properties is some of the most desirable in the world, and we are here to help you simplify the process of buying your next Caribbean property. We are experts in all aspects of Virgin Islands real estate – from St. Thomas real estate to St. Croix real estate, as well as Water Island, St. John real estate, Commercial properties. Complete dedication to our clients’ best interests allows us to find an ideal Virgin Islands home for every customer, regardless of criteria. So be sure to  take advantage of the finest realtor for St. Thomas Real Estate and St. Barts Real Estate

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Q&A April

Q: Tell us about your background and your company, Newland Real Estate.

A: As a second-generation Newland Real Estate Broker, I grew up in beautiful St. Thomas and had an early

exposure to the skills and know how of the US Virgin Islands luxury real estate market. I crafted my

expertise by the age of 18, making me the youngest real estate agent in the area. My last 40 years in the

field have garnered the respect and credibility for knowing the ins and outs of this industry and niche

market. There are a very limited number of brokers who sell high-end properties in the Caribbean in the

$20M plus range, so I pride myself on being the exclusive broker for private islands sold under the US

flag and high end commercial and residential properties.


Newland Real Estate was founded in 1957 after my parents moved from Long Beach Michigan City,

Indiana to St. Thomas. It was then that they founded the St. Thomas-St. John Board of Realtors and

the Territorial Association of Realtors. Newland Real Estate has been family-owned since then and my

mission is to keep it a successful Newland family business for generations to come.


Q: Who is your target audience?

A: My properties are all very exclusive and high-end, geared towards those who can afford it and plan to turn

them into something longstanding. My buyers are, more often than not, well established, wealthy, and

have the luxurious freedom to invest in business opportunities, or splurge on a second, or third property

just because they can. It really takes that special billionaire that has the funds to own his/her own island.

There are only 2 islands left in the US Virgin Islands for sale, so once they’re sold, they are maybe gone

for good. There is also a sense of legacy building for some of my buyers. They are interested in purchasing

as to keep the property in the family for many generations. This means that the turnover for these

properties is very low, so once an exclusive island comes on the market, potential buyers have to be quick.


There are many types of buyers for such large purchases: individuals, investors, and development

companies. I prefer to sell to individual owners than to developers for the fluidity and seamlessness of

transactions that come with it. I recently closed on two islands to individual buyers very quickly because

we negated the long process that would otherwise come with developers, including: permit application;

obtaining investor funds; and abiding by zoning laws. However, if that is the desire, I know exactly what

has to be done, who to go to, and so if that is absolutely the direction my future buyer wants to go in, I

become an essential part of that and make sure it is executed in the most efficient and expedited way



Q: What are some challenges you face in the market?

A: Getting the word out to clients can be a challenge because these prominent properties are not publicly

marketed so many buyers may not be readily aware of my listings. I choose not to market through

advertisement because these are special locations that many of the high profile sellers would like to keep

private and confidential, and I honor that discretion.

Many of my buyers find me through referrals. I make sure no one knows the people I am working with

and who is buying what property to respect the privacy of my buyers – AND sellers. This builds my

credibility and the trust level clients have in my team. Many people are aware of my major recordbreaking

sales even though I don’t talk much about what I’ve done—somehow people just know.


Q: How are you changing the landscape of the US Virgin Islands?

A: I am very dedicated to keeping the landscape of this area as in tact as possible, being sensitive to the

natural environment. Many individuals are very thankful for what I do to contribute and give back to our

community. There was a beach property that the US Virgin Islands Government wanted to keep

undeveloped and proprietary, but it was too expensive to gather the funds. What I was able to do was go

to a Senator, who helped the Government find the funds necessary in order to buy it and keep it in its

natural state. The community is still very thankful to me to this day for that sale.


Q:Who is your ideal buyer?

A: The ideal buyer is not only financially capable, but also able to make swift independent decisions. I am

also interested in finding someone who is environmentally sensitive (can understand how – and the

importance of – to keep the water, corals, and reefs in tact as much as possible); someone who is willing

to view the property in person – the sign of a real buyer; and finally, someone who understands that these

are high quality properties that need to be treated with respect.


Q: What is your mission?

A: Now that my son has joined the company, I am focused on building the Newland Real Estate Company

to be a family business that will stay with us for generations. My mission is to maintain the high level of

integrity and loyalty amongst our current and future clients through our growth. Some of the most

successful businesses in the world are family-owned and I believe that building a company that survives

many generations is special.



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